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One of the Istanbul Hotels in the old City is Faik Pasha Hotels. This specially designed Boutique facility was established in 2013 .There are many city center hotels in Istanbul such as chain hotels ,five star hotels with global standards and atmosphere.Faik Pasha Hotels has 22 suites-rooms ,each one has a different decoration with the art Nouveau Style. Faik Pasha Hotels is a Cihangir Hotel and chosen as one of the best Istanbul Romantic hotel by Trivago. (Best Honeymoon).

Most of the famous Istanbul City Hotels could be found in either Sultanahmet or Beyoglu Districts. Faik Pasha Hotels is an Istanbul design hotel ,the furniture was collected from Istanbul’’s flea markets and antique shops one by one.The design target was to create the old days in Pera and recreate the lives of old Istanbulite. Faik Pasha is an Historical Istanbul Hotel and restorated according to the original plans and construction techniques.

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